Friday, December 12, 2014

Stay Cozy

0ver the past week or so the weather has started to get a little cooler. We finally have was so needed here in California. We actually had a "rain day" yesterday, meaning all our schools were closed. People (myself too) in California are so funny... clearly, we wouldn't be able to survive back east. However, this "rain day" was much appreciated and we got straight to work on staying warm and cozy. We put Audrey's favorite new slippers on and put on a movie. It was a perfect day filled with warm blankets and hot homemade soup.

We also have put up our tree and her advent calendar. We surprised her one night and told her that Santa had left a little tree for her to decorate. She was so excited to decorate it her way. This saved us from going and picking out the tree together. Unfortunately, this year time hasn't been on our side and I was afraid we would never get the chance. I set up her advent calendar on time and we have been doing it every night together. We are just about ready for this little holiday... can't wait to spend it with our friends and family.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pizza with a View

During our Thanksgiving break we had a little time to escape. So my sis, Audrey, and I headed straight to the beach and our favorite pizza spot. The weather was amazing and it felt good to just sit and relax in the sun. I love mini adventures like these... where the only plan is to just sit and enjoy the view. These past few weeks have been really busy and I'm it sure will only get busier with the holidays ahead. Glad to have moments like this...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

A few weeks ago we decided to drive to the Observatory near the foothills close to us. It was twenty miles of windy hills and roads. The kids enjoyed the ride and loved all the twist and turns. Thankfully, nobody got sick and Brian was down to drive. Once we made it to the top... the views were breathtaking. The fresh air and views were just what we needed. It was nice to get out and see something new. Audrey and her cousin loved looking through the telescopes and both agreed they wanted one for their birthdays. We explored for a bit and then we headed home for lunch and a long nap followed. Spending time together to do something new doesn't always have to cost a fortune. This little adventure was free except for a little gas money. Give us all the wide open spaces...

Audrey's favorite little adventure bag found here...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Home Love

Things have been quiet around here lately. Many of our weekends are spent at home with quiet days. The weather has been really nice and we have been trying to take advantage of it before the weather starts to cool down. We made a little DIY castle out of shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls. Audrey just loves that it's pink. We also have been learning a few sight words using our bananagrams. The learning possibilities our endless with those little alpha tiles. Keeping things simple around here is my goal and spending time together is key.

Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Outdoor Classroom

Last Friday, I had the day off so we decided to do some exploring. I truly believe that children learn best by seeing and doing. I also believe that the great outdoors can be the best classroom. So, we headed off to Muir Woods to see some beautiful redwoods. It was really cool to show Audrey such tall trees. A few times she actually got a little nervous (scared) because the trees were so tall. We stayed exploring for awhile so thank goodness we packed her new little bag full of snacks. I loved that she could carry her bag all by was just her size but could still fit all the stuff that she needed. We really had a good day together. I love exploring new places with her. We haven't been everywhere's on our list.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Read and Create Instead...

Read and create instead is something we live by around here. I am forever trying to give her the tools to be creative. She may never have the latest and greatest toys but I will always spend the time and (some) money to get her to use her imagination. I have to thank pinterest, our art teacher at my school, and my mom for the awesome art ideas.

We are also trying to have a little reader in the family. I am constantly building her little library with used books. The other night I caught her reading by her night light WAY past her bedtime. I still made her go to sleep but I was so proud. During our commutes home from work she pretty much looks at her books the whole way. We have a few books on tape that I want to start listening to in the car. These are just simple ideas that hopefully will go a long way. 

Some tools we always have on hand...
Water colors
Drawing Chalk
Jumbo Crayons
Colored Pencils
Paint Brush Pens
Plenty of activity books, paper, and stickers
Mini Easal
Play Doh
We also always have plenty of pipe cleaners, foam stickers, beads, pom poms, and other random scrap booking supplies. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

A few weekends ago my sister and I decided to take a road trip again...when life gets too busy I either like to tackle it head on or escape. This time... I chose to escape. We headed down south to Los Angeles with no plans except a hotel booked and the need to explore. We got to show Audrey the Hollywood Sign which I myself was excited to see again. We also visited the LACMA lights which was my first time and we even got to explore the Griffith Observatory at night. The observatory was probably my favorite part. The nerd in me loved the exhibits and the good views. It was well worth the hike up and the city lights are beautiful at night. We also did a huge hiking day and visited The Sunken City (more on that later) in San Pedro. We then ended our trip in Malibu and Santa Barbara and hiked some of the coastline.

My sister is the only person I know who is always down for a impromptu road trip. We would totally drive five hours to explore something new and drive back the same day. It was really nice to get away for a bit. The only problem was Audrey way off her sleeping schedule which at times really showed. Thankfully, she can usually pull it together for hiking and seeing new things. I am not sure where we will explore next, but I do know we will be doing something soon... can't stay put for too long :)

Our last adventure...