Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two and a Half Ladies

Life has been super busy this month. A good but busy month. For the new year, I wanted plenty of adventure and creative projects in our lives. We work really hard during the week and I want to make our free time count. My forever goal will always be to balance work life, adventure life, creative life, and home life. Making each day count is what it is all about. We managed to make it down to L.A. this month on a quick three day weekend. It was nice to get away...even of it was just for the night. 

My sister and I packed a bag and we were off.  First stop was a bench over looking the city of L.A. and some down time in the park. We made it to Venice Beach just in time for sunset and dinner. Venice has such a good vibe and even though there is a ton of people, its still feels relaxed and there is plenty to see. We made it back to our hotel room in Hollywood and relaxed (much needed) in bed. 

The next day we set out to explore some old ruins in the canyons of Brentwood. We made sure to have a big breakfast before the hike. Think lots and lots of vegan was good!! We explored the canyon for a few hours. It was one of our most challenging hikes...we literally slid down the canyon on our bottoms. We made some good memories on that hike and I love that those memories are with my sister and my daughter. We don't just count the days...we make the days count. 

Our last trip to L.A....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

School Life (at home)

During this Winter Break we were able to get a little school work done. Mostly, working on sight words and counting. My favorite part of being home with her is planning little projects with her and little things we can do together. I found this cute little esty shop that creates little games for kids to do. These little games not only keep them busy, but keep them learning at the same time.  The rest of our days were spent reading before and after nap time. She loves reading to me and telling me what she sees in the pictures. She has more books memorized than I can count... but my favorite is when she makes up her own story. Hoping, I have a book worm for life  :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Break

These two weeks have been REALLY amazing. We got the chance to adventure, spend time with family and friends, organize, relax, and most of all be together. During our two weeks off we went on a road trip to see some snow. There was no real planning involved or any stress. We just picked a small town up North that had snow, booked a hotel room and we were off. We found a little spot where you could do a little sledding, snowball fights, and build a little snowman. My sister also joined us, she is always down for a road trip. was just nice being together. Tomorrow back to normal returns and busy work schedules will resume. Thankful for this time with my family... feeling extra lucky tonight.

First time in the snow...
Last winter...

Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year...

A new year has started and so has everyone's resolutions. This year I didn't make resolutions. I just stuck to my same forever goals. These goals are to make each day count and take each day to learn and grow more. I am going to do my best to fill Audrey's days with adventurecreativity, and plenty of love. Although, things may not always go according to plan and knowing that there will be plenty of highs and lows throughout the year. I (we) know there will be plenty of love to get us through...Happy New Year.

Audrey's favorite little adventure bag found here...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

Yesterday, was our first day of winter break. So, we of course headed out for a little adventure. This little swing with the amazing view has been our list for awhile. You have clear views of the whole Bay Area. Although, when living in the bay you must wait patiently for a good clear day. So we were super happy to find clear skies ahead. The views did not disappoint and you could just feel time slowing down while up on that hill. Although, Christmas and presents will be here soon, I wanted to show Audrey that spending time together is what is most important. I am determined to teach her that the best things in life are always free...

Our last adventure...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Stay Cozy

0ver the past week or so the weather has started to get a little cooler. We finally have was so needed here in California. We actually had a "rain day" yesterday, meaning all our schools were closed. People (myself too) in California are so funny... clearly, we wouldn't be able to survive back east. However, this "rain day" was much appreciated and we got straight to work on staying warm and cozy. We put Audrey's favorite new slippers on and put on a movie. It was a perfect day filled with warm blankets and hot homemade soup.

We also have put up our tree and her advent calendar. We surprised her one night and told her that Santa had left a little tree for her to decorate. She was so excited to decorate it her way. This saved us from going and picking out the tree together. Unfortunately, this year time hasn't been on our side and I was afraid we would never get the chance. I set up her advent calendar on time and we have been doing it every night together. We are just about ready for this little holiday... can't wait to spend it with our friends and family.

Check out these cute little shoes for your little ones. They make such a cute gift...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pizza with a View

During our Thanksgiving break we had a little time to escape. So my sis, Audrey, and I headed straight to the beach and our favorite pizza spot. The weather was amazing and it felt good to just sit and relax in the sun. I love mini adventures like these... where the only plan is to just sit and enjoy the view. These past few weeks have been really busy and I'm it sure will only get busier with the holidays ahead. Glad to have moments like this...